• Bio-friendly plastics from cattle proteins
    by Bonnie Warnyca   November 2011

    It's seems a stretch, except for maybe inside the scientific community, that one can take waste cattle proteins or specified risk material which is considered hazardous material and make anything from car parts to fence posts. But that's what David Bressler, an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science at... more

  • US industry's future postive
      November 2011

    The Beef Industry Long Range Plan played a key role in the 2011 Cattle Industry Summer Conference.

    Joint Committees and Subcommittees developing plans for the checkoff are being reminded of the strategic intent of the plan and coming together to create synergy in achieving several of the core strategies outlined in it. Finalized in early... more

  • Profit from fencing - part II
    by Connie Krider   November 2011

    Editor’s note: This is the second part of an article that began in the October 2011 edition of Beef Illustrated.

    Grounding is linked directly to the performance of an energizer. The rule of thumb is three feet of grounding for every joule output. As an example, a six-joule energizer would require 18 feet of grounding,... more

  • Good fats vs. bad fats – Science says beef getting a bum wrap
    by Bonnie Warnyca   November 2011

    While creative foodies often miss the mark on the healthfulness of beef as shown in one of the latest anti red-meat (protein) campaigns such as “Meatless Mondays”, research scientists may have found a way to put beef back on the menu.

    A scientific review co-authored by Dr. Spencer Proctor, Director of the University of Alberta’s... more

  • Canada’s branded beef programs
    by Bonnie Warnyca   November 2011

    While last issue looked at the Certified Angus Beef Program (CAB), this month’s discussion takes a look at how some breeds are telling their story within a branded beef program.

    In the past, Alberta Beef Magazine has talked with the folks from Heritage Angus Beef, Spring Creek Ranch Premium Beef and Canada Gold Beef but there have been... more

  • TransCanada Keystone pipeline system
    by Bonnie Warnyca   November 2011

    As one of the largest infrastructure projects ever contemplated in North America, TransCanada’s Keystone Pipeline System will play an important role in linking a secure and growing supply of Canadian crude oil with the largest refining markets in the United States, significantly improving North American security supply.

    To date,... more

  • ROI: Return on investment
    by Madeleine Baerg   November 2011

    If you’re talking innovation in the cattle feeding business, Greg Appleyard’s name is likely to come up in your conversation. President of Strathmore based Cattleland Feedyards, Appleyard might not run the biggest yards in the business, but he almost definitely runs the highest tech.

    “I believe I can’t compete with the cattle feeding... more

  • Profit from fencing - Part 1
    by Connie Krider   October 2011

    Most livestock producers will agree that good pastureland is a valuable resource. Yet, pastures continue to be the most neglected and mismanaged crops in all of agriculture. Lime and fertilizer application, seedings and brush control are among management practices often used to establish and maintain pastures. But to improve and sustain... more

  • From the banks of the Red Deer
    Submitted by David Andrews   October 2011

    In his recently published book titled “From the Banks of the Red Deer”, Tom Livingston from Duchess, Alberta has provided anyone who loves the history of ranching in Western Canada and Montana with an interesting, informative and very entertaining journal. Western folks will recall the columns Tom wrote for The Canadian Cattlemen Magazine between... more

  • Organics 101
    by Madeleine Baerg   October 2011

    A decade ago organics were considered a little weird, bought almost exclusively by back-to-the-earth hippies and activist types. Today, organics fill grocery store aisles and mainstream consumers' shopping carts. Organic producers are popping up in every sector of the ag industry. But, organic production is still misunderstood by most conventional... more